Hall 1
10:00-10:30ICTVC introduction and welcome
Klimis Mastoridis | CYPRUS
10:30-11:00Lending grace to the design language of cities
Artemis Yagou | GREECE
11:00-11:30COFFEE BREAK
11:30-12:00Lending grace to time: the visualization of duration to sequencing existence and incidents in the past, present and the future
Evripides Zantides | CYPRUS
Aspasia Papadema | CYPRUS
12:00-12:30Managing the grace of language
Vangelis Hatzitheodorou | GREECE
12:30-13:00The power of sharing
Alexis Zavras | GREECE
13:00-13:30Printed matters with electronic features. How can 'hybrid' printed matters communicate with electronic devices?
Chryssoula Gatsou | GREECE
Spyros Nomikos | GREECE
13:30-15:00LUNCH BREAK
15:00-15:30The typography of Cypriot printed ephemera
Andreas Sophocleous | CYPRUS
15:30-16:00Neoclassicism in Greek typography: Firmin Didot, Giambattista Bodoni, Georg Joachim Goeschen
George D. Matthiopoulos | GREECE
16:00-16:30Language: between grace and collapse
Iordanis Stylidis | GREECE
16:30-17:00COFFEE BREAK
17:00-17:30Describing the typographic design of Greek elementary reading books
Niki Sioki | CYPRUS
17:30-18:00'Grace' or 'function': preschool children make meaning by unconventional typography
Maria Papadopoulou | GREECE
18:00-18:30A greek alphabet named "Melo"
Matoula Sarantinou | GREECE
Hall 2
10:30-11:00Transformer with a daily deadline
Jasso Lamberg | FINLAND
11:00-11:30COFFEE BREAK
11:30-12:00Letterpress, a revival
Jamie Mahoney | USA
12:30-13:00But, is it design? A study of lay graphic communication
13:00-13:30The language of children's writing
Santosh Kshirsagar | INDIA
13:30-15:00LUNCH BREAK
15:00-15:30The Hemingway design
Alessandro Segalini | TURKEY
15:30-16:00On Wearing: a critical interpretive framework on design’s already made
Alison Gill | AUSTRALIA
Abby Lopes | AUSTRALIA
16:00-16:30And next on… An investigation into the brand identity of CyBC
George Souglides | CYPRUS
Marianna Kafaridou | CYPRUS
Andreas Tomblin | CYPRUS
Andreas Ioannou | UK
16:30-17:00COFFEE BREAK
17:00-17:30Multimedia communication and the structured construction of visual messages
Jorge M. L. Brandão Pereira | PORTUGAL