The preparations for our next ICTVC conference are slowly developing into tangible seeds. We have received several messages expressing admiration for our stamina to organize another conference this year in the ICTVC series.
We are very pleased to see that good examples are followed. The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) will host its first international conference, ICSVC, in Limassol, Cyprus. Although there is a similarity in the name, ICSVC is a different conference, organized by different people and in a different institution in Cyprus.
ICTVC wishes ICSVC all the best for their first international conference!





The ICTVC exhibition will take place at Famagusta Gate from 5 to 23 June 2010.

It consists of works by the internationally acknowledged Greek designers Agni and Michalis Katzourakis and Freddie Carabott. As Dimitris Arvanitis indicates, in his note printed in the exhibition catalogue, keeping abreast of developments and armed with a cosmopolitan outlook, the team of Carabott and Katzourakis were able to propose fresh and highly creative ideas throughout the broad spectrum of the projects they undertook.

Moreover, visitors will be able to view pieces of work produced by Viktor Koen, one of the most gifted, award winning illustrators, who lives and works in the US.

Finally, there will be an exhibition of 14 posters designed by young designers on the theme of crisis in Greece.
The ICTVC exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Thessaloniki Design Museum.

Design exhibition within the framework of the 4th International Conference on typography and visual communication
Εκθεση Design στο πλαίσιο του 4ου Παγκόσμιου Συνεδρίου τυπογραφίας και οπτικής επικοινωνίας
Famagusta Gate  |  7 - 23 June 2010
Πύλη Αμμοχώστου  |  7 - 23 Ιούνη 2010
Monday to Saturday 10.00-13.00 & 17.00-20.00
Δευτέρα με Σάββατο 10.00-13.00 και 17.00-20.00
Free admission
Είσοδος ελεύθερη




For more information about the 4th ICTVC you may contact:

Dr Klimis Mastoridis

Department of Design & Multimedia
University of Nicosia, Cyprus

T +357 22 354.257

Gerry Leonidas

ICTVC Scientific & Organizing Committee Member

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication

University of Reading, UK

T +44 118 378 6397

Anna Kiriakidou

ICTVC Organizing Committee Member
Typographic Designer, Greece

T +30 6970 578.750

Contact hours: 14.00-19.00 (CET)